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ADOS 2 Assessment

If you have concerns regarding your Social Communication Development, an ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) assessment can prove very useful as a next step in information gathering.

This can take place at your home at a time suitable to you or if this is not possible I am able to assess adults in my own home office space. A parent/carer or friend are always encouraged to be present for the observation unless it is felt that this would impact on the results in anyway.

I am able to offer an ADOS-2 assessment and written report within a given timescale.

As I work independently I am able to offer a 3/4 week turn around with written reports once I have seen you for an ADOS-2 assessment.
The ADOS-2 is an observational schedule designed to measure behavioural response, communication and communicative intent in relation to the triad of features characteristic of ASDs.

There are 5 modules in total (including a new Toddler Module and I am able to administer all levels). Modules 3 and 4 are used for verbally fluent individuals. Module 4 is specifically designed for adults with at least a minor level of independence in terms of relationships and goals. The ADOS-2 schedule is designed to provide a basis for diagnosis of classic presentations of autism and of atypical autism. It also provides a framework for the collection of information relating to more broadly defined autism spectrum.

The ADOS-2 schedule focuses on the ASD triad of:

  • communication
  • reciprocal social interaction and
  • imagination, creativity, stereotyped behaviours and restricted interest

It should be noted that the ADOS alone is not able to ‘diagnose’ ASD, neither am I able to do so as a Specialist Teacher, but I am very experienced in this field and this assessment gives a comprehensive evaluation of the likelihood that the adult completing the assessment has difficulties that fall in line with a ‘classic’ ASD diagnosis, or not. This should then be used as part of further multi-disciplinary assessment and decision making by a Paediatrician, Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

Home Visits

I am able to visit you and your family (if appropriate) at home at a time convenient to you. This can be as part of an ADOS assessment package or as bespoke individual sessions to offer support and guidance based on your needs both pre and post diagnosis. Living with autism can prove challenging and have a major impact on your levels or anxiety and general well being. I am able to offer practical strategies to support you at home but also put you in touch with organisations such as the National Autistic Society ( who offer hundreds of autistic people support and help make the difference between isolation or family dependence and the chance to lead a full life.